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Shipping ESG500 Survey: Industry is on the right track for embracing ESG

SAFETY4SEA “Shipping ESG500 Survey” sets out an index illustrating the progress that ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) has made so far within the maritime industry, revealing that industry’s ESG performance stands at 49.1%. With slow but steady steps, the figure shows that the industry is on the right track for embracing ESG strategies.

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SAFETY4SEA ESG Climate Survey: Industry needs to focus on the three ESG dimensions equally

Although the Environmental related issues seem to be well cared by shipping organizations to successfully achieve the green transition; Society and Governance need to be appropriately integrated into the industry’s policies. However, the industry is not giving much priority to the Governance parameter, giving ground mainly to the “E” and “S” of ESG, the SAFETY4SEA ESG Climate Survey revealed.

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