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Shipping Now & Tomorrow: Key trends shaping the future of shipping

As digitalization continues to evolve, the shipping industry faces ongoing challenges, including keeping pace with technology, adapting to changes and meeting the growing demands of stricter regulations. To respond to these developments successfully, industry requires a diverse, multidisciplinary, and well-trained workforce and a strategy to attract new talents, agreed experts of 2021 CAREER4SEA Forum.

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Shipping industry as an attractive working environment

Shipping working reality is demanding, but the industry remains an adventurous environment with many reasons for young people to work in it: Significant career progress for the hardworkings, opportunity for constant learning and meeting interesting people, challenge, travel, the sense of community, panelists stressed during the CAREER4SEA virtual forum that took place in December.

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Exploring Nuclear as an option for the maritime industry

Last GREEN4SEA Forum explored nuclear power as an alternative source of power. Now that there are very promising 4th generation reactors for advanced atomic, ships will not be releasing any emissions, as it there are no SOx, NOx, CO2 or particulates. In fact, considering the full energy cycle, atomic is millions of times more power-dense and cleaner compared to either fossil fuels or popular alternatives in the likes of methanol, ammonia and hydrogen.

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