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Container casualty causes in the spotlight

In a recent webinar, Thomas Miller, TT Club and UK P&I Club discussed factors associated with container casualties to pinpoint key challenges towards safer container ship operations and enhanced security of the container stacks they carry. Attention to numerous factors is needed to avoid repeated casualties insurers noted.

Safety measures for yachts operating in Polar waters

In May 2018, IMO MSC considered various proposals for safety measures for non-SOLAS ships operating in polar waters. Guidelines on Safety Measures were finalized by the Sub-Committee on Ship Design and Construction in February 2020 and were due to be adopted by MSC in May 2020. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, MSC did not meet in May 2020 and it is not known when the Guidelines on Safety Measures will be formally adopted at IMO.

AMSA: 5 tips to keep a proper lookout

AMSA has issued an updated Marine Notice that serves as a reminder to operators on the importance of adhering to the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea 1972 (known as the Collision Regulations or COLREGs ) to reduce the risk of collision at sea. 

HRAS: Gulf Sky’s Captain confirms crews’ and vessel’s safety

Human Rights at Sea (HRAS) and the Dominica Flag State Administration have raised their voice over the MV Gulf Sky which although was under arrest by a UAE Admiralty Law injuction, had left UAE waters. The Captain now confirmed that both crew and vessel are safe.

Lessons learned for fishing industry after vessel capsizing

On the occasion of the investigation release of the capsizing of the fishing vessel Anna-Marie II, UK MAIB issued a safety flyer to the fishing industry about staying alert to the risk of capsize and inverting, particularly in steep waves, and the importance of wearing a personal flotation device.

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