Port of Piraeus

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Ports of Piraeus, Venice and Chioggia to enhance cargo flows

The CEO of the Port Authority of Piraeus, Captain Fu Chengqiu and the President of the North Adriatic Sea Port Authority, Pino Musolino, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on February 11, to enhance relations and cargo flows between the two ports. The memorandum also aims to improve the exchange of best practices and know-how in port management.

Port of Piraeus benefits from China-Greece cooperation

Port of Piraeus is for the time being the second largest port in the Mediterranean Sea. After COSCO’s enter in the port, its annual throughput capacity was increased from 0.68 million TEUs to 4.15 million in 2017. Mainly, the growth, the port of Piraeus has experienced in recent years, is the result of the cooperation between Greece and China, based on the Belt and Road initiative.

Greece, China confident about Belt and Road cooperation

Greek businessmen and Chinese scholars expressed their optimism regarding the cooperation between the two countries as far as the Belt and Road Initiative is concerned, during a forum on December 10 at Piraeus port. This initiative is considered as an attempt by China to reshape the map of global trade and political influence.

Port of Piraeus: Investment plan should be approved soon

The Port of Piraeus wants the Greek government to approve an investment plan for the attraction of more business to the port, as soon as possible. The Port of Piraeus is currently waiting Greece to continue with mandatory investments and it wants this to happen soon, as in case of delay there will be legal means.

Europe, China increase trade through Belt and Road Initiative

When Cosco took over the operation of the port of Piraeus, running the shipyard has been the first project since 2016. Cosco chose Piraeus to be China’s gateway to Europe, under the Belt and Road Initiative, as well as other ports, increasing trade between the continents.

Piraeus Port reports increase in profit for first half of 2018

Piraeus Port Authority approved the financial statements for the first semester of 2018, according to which the Greek Port reported a large increase in profit, compared to last year. Earnings after taxes amounted to € 13.3 million compared to € 4.4 million in the first semester of 2017.

Cargo ships collide in Port of Piraeus amid heavy wind

The Greek-flagged Ro-Ro cargo ship ‘Capetan Christos’ was sailing in the port of Piraeus coming from the island of Paros and heading to Elefsina, when she hit the Portuguese-flagged container ship “Stadt Dresden”, which was anchored. The winds were 7 Beaufort strong at that time.

Port of Piraeus ‘the world’s fastest growing port’

Chinese Cosco Shipping Ports (CSP) has set its eyes to make the Port of Piraeus, Greece’s major port, the largest port in the Mediterranean in one and a half years, at the same time that freight traffic is expected to increase by 35% within this year only. 

Port of Piraeus awarded for quality and environmental management

Piraeus Port Authority was awarded double certification against ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 by Lloyd’s Register. These certifications congratulate the Port of Piraeus for its quality, environmental management and pollution prevention. The certifications were awarded on June 6 during Posidonia.


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