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Maritime safety- Commission sends reasoned opinion to four Member States

To communicate what measures they were takingre accidents at sea The European Commission today sent reasoned opinions to Austria, Greece, Poland and the United Kingdom for their failure to communicate what measures they were taking to transpose Directive2009/18/EC on the investigation of accidents at sea.This is the normal procedure in the event of a persistent failure to communicate such measures despite having received formal notice. Sending a reasoned opinion is the last step in the procedure before possibly taking a matter to the Court of Justice.The EU rulesDirective2009/18/EC lays down the basic principles governing investigations into accidents in the maritime transport sector. It requires Member States to bring into force the necessary legislative, regulatory and administrative implementing provisions before 17June2011.The practical consequences of non-transpositionDirective2009/18/EC aims to improve maritime safety and better prevent pollution from ships by requiring Member States to organise safety investigations after serious accidents at sea. The purpose of these investigations, which are separate from any criminal investigations and are carried out by independent bodies, is to establish what has caused the accidents and draw lessons to improve maritime safety in the future. If they fail to take the necessary measures, Member States prevent such arrangements from being ...

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Poland recognizes Bureau Veritas for inland navigation vessel inspection

For vessels flying the Polish flag The government of Poland has officially recognized Bureau Veritas for the inspection of inland navigation vessels flying the Polish flag. The recognition is within the scope of European Directive 2006/87/EC, as transposed into Polish law, and also covers measurement certification according to national regulation.The recognition was confirmed by Mr.Chmielewski, deputy director of Shipping Safety Department, Ministry of Infrastructure. The agreement was signed by the director of each of the Inland Navigation Offices in Poland - Mr Wos, Mr Pys, and Mr Slominski from Szczecin, Wroclaw and Bydgoszcz from Szczecin, Wroclaw and Bydgoszcz respectively - in the presence of Bureau Veritas Inland Navigation Management and the Marine Manager for Poland, Jan Dabkowski.The official recognition of Bureau Veritas for the inspection of inland navigation vessels within the scope of the ADN (International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Inland Waterways) regulation will be the subject of a specific agreement to fine-tune the framework, although it has already been lodged with the United Nations.Source: Bureau Veritas

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