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USCG stops illegal charter operation in Miami

The US Coast Guard terminated the voyage of the 147-foot yacht Golden Touch II with 47 people onboard near Nixon Beach, on Sunday August 19. This came after USCG discovered a number of safety issues, including carrying more paying passengers than they were certified to carry onboard the vessel.

Liberia amends maritime law to allow lease financing

In a bid to respond to the needs of shipowners and the ship financing and legal community, the Republic of Liberia amended its maritime law to allow lease financing structures to be recorded as mortgages. As such, Liberia is the only flag state with preferred status in China able to record financing charters.

Jamaica passes Ballast Water Management bill

On 10 July, Jamaica’s House of Representatives passed the Ballast Water Management Bill, which is aimed at protecting Jamaica’s marine environment, by implementing measures to prevent ships from introducing foreign aquatic species when entering domestic waters.

USCG steps up measures against illegal passenger vessel operators

USCG announced that it is starting operations to stop boats illegally taking passengers for hire in Northern Minnesota and Western Lake Superior waters. 50% of stopped vessels, during a similar operation last summer in the vicinity of Chicago, were operating illegally on Lake Michigan.

Diver Zhong Haifeng awarded 2018 IMO Award for Exceptional Bravery At Sea

IMO awarded the 2018 IMO Award for Exceptional Bravery At Sea to Zhong Haifeng. Mr. Zhong is a rescue diver from China who made a series of underwater dives to rescue three people, when the cargo ship ‘MV Jin Ze Lun’ sank after colliding with another ship in Guangzhou Port, China, in the early morning of 27 November 2017.

Ship manager not guilty over owner’s negligence accusations

nternational Transport Intermediaries Club defended a ship manager against negligence allegations, that a shipowner made after the loss of a lifeboat overboard. The lifeboat was drifting off the port of Naze, Japan, after the master reported it missing. Considering the cost of changing the ship’s course to recover the lifeboat, compared to the cost of replacing it, it was decided to abandon it.

UNODC event offers closer look at maritime law interpretation

A workshop has taken place in Sri Lanka, Colombo, on 18-20 June, where maritime law experts and practitioners from around the world met to participate in two main sessions aimed at gathering State practice and interpretation information related to international legal instruments. 

New US bill addresses sexual harassment in transportation

US Congressman Peter DeFazio introduced the “Stop Sexual Assault and Harassment in Transportation Act,” that requires passenger airlines, railroads, transit agencies, operators of passenger vessels, and certain bus companies, to prescribe formal policies on sexual harassment of employees and passengers in transportation.


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