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Amazon’s pink dolphins under threat

According to Reuters, the Amazon river dolphin known as pink dolphin located in Brazil, is under threat since fishermen are hunting and killing them illegally by making them bait for a catfish called piracatinga, which gathers fish that demand high prices in the city.

Japanese fleet kills 333 minke whales

The Japanese fleet that fishes whales returned after killing 333 minke whales in the Southern Ocean. According to the Japanese Institute of Cetacean Research from the 333 killed whales, 186 were male and 181 female. Over 50% of the females were adult and preliminary analysis, such as pregnancy rates, suggest healthy fertility of the species.

Environmentalists’ open letter to Iceland’s gov against whale hunting

A group of environmental organizations in Iceland  sent an open letter to their Parliament protesting the Government’s decision to allow whale hunting until at least 2023. The letter is signed by Gaia Iceland, Jarðarvinir, Reykjavik Animal Save, Reykjavik Whale Save, Samtök grænkera á Íslandi, Sea Shepherd Iceland, SEEDS Iceland and Stop Whaling in Iceland.

US urged to act on Māui dolphins extinction

Sea Shepherd submitted a petition to the US government for emergency rulemaking, demanding it to fulfill its obligations under the Marine Mammal Protection Act (MMPA) to protect the Māui dolphin. Actually, the organization formally demanded that the Trump Administration immediately ban all imports from New Zealand fisheries that are driving the Māui dolphin to extinction. 

52 Fishing Aggregating Devices found in UNESCO-listed Aeolian Islands

Sea Shepherd’s vessel ‘Sam Simon’ together with Lipari’s Coast Guard, Milazzo’s Revenue and Customs Authorities, and with the collaboration of artisanal fishermen, confiscated 52 Fishing Aggregating Devices (FADs) and 100 km of polypropylene line in Italy’s Aeolian Archipelago in 178 hours.

Sea Shepherd offers Faroe Islands EUR 1 million to end whaling

In the last decade, 7,744 small cetaceans of five different species have lost their lives in the Faroe Islands whaling hunts, locally called ‘grindadráp’. In response, Sea Shepherd UK proposed a financial incentive to the Faroe Islands of EUR 1,000,000 in total over the next 10 years, to bring to an end grindadráp.

Watch: Australia boosts fishing with largest artificial reef

Australia has developed its first artificial reef in the Exmouth Gulf, the latest purpose built artificial reef habitat in the Western part of the country. The $1 million Exmouth Integrated Artificial Reef is a unique project aiming to enhance marine habitat and recreational fishing opportunities in the region.

Watch: Operation protecting biodiversity in Mediterranean begins

Sea Shepherd Italy’s Operation Siracusa launched its 2018 campaign with the arrest of poachers and after spotting a boat fishing illegally in the Plemmirio Marine Park, a Specially Protected Area of Mediterranean Interest, for the conservation of the biodiversity in the region.


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