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MARSEC changes security level near Fujairah after sabotage

The Norwegian Maritime Authority informs that in light of the sabotage act against four vessels off Fujairah port, the Maritime Security (MARSEC) adjusted the security levels in the area to ISPS1 and advise shipowners to carefully consider measures from ISPS2.

Tips for stowaway prevention at the Port of Durban

As the stowaway activity in the South African port of Durban has seen a recent increase, the Japan P&I Club recommended that operators should employ the services of private security guards during the vessel’s port stay at the port and that the crew should remain vigilant at all times.

IOM makes suggestions for safe disembarkation of migrants

As about 40,000 refugees and migrants have arrived in Europe via maritime routes in 2018 to date, the International Organization for Migration and UNHCR call for a common approach to implement a predictable and responsible disembarkation mechanism that prioritizes human rights and safety first.

UK P&I Club advises on cyber fraud

It is an undeniable fact that types of crime such as cyber fraud continue to cause problems. Therefore, the UK P&I Club has published bulletin in order to provide advice on the issue.

Cyber Risk: A new area of vulnerability for maritime industry

The London P&I Club has launched new loss prevention publication StopLoss to address all issues related to cyber risk, potentially the biggest threat to both Shipowners and their ships as the use of information technology spreads into all areas of the business.


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