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Guidance for liquid cargo sampling

Disputes regarding “off-spec” or contaminated liquid cargoes are a repeated problem and shipowners may have no independent evidence as to the cause of an alleged cargo contamination. However, if the cargo is “off-spec” when the vessel arrives at the discharge port and there is no evidence of contamination from the load port, the vessel could be faced with a claim.

New guidance on firefighting equipment standards

The US Office of Commercial Vessel Compliance released “Guidance on Implementation of New Standards for Fire Protection, Detection, and Extinguishing Equipment,” to provide guidance to Officers in Charge, Marine Inspection. This guidance regard changes to regulatory requirements for fire protection, detection, and extinguishing equipment.

Guidance for proper crew accommodation

UK MCA provides suggestions for operators to ensure the crew’s safety and comply with Merchant Shipping Regulations. All structures, furniture and fittings & means of access to and egress from the crew accommodation should be situated and constructed as to minimise any risk of injury to the crew.

UK releases Code of Practice for autonomous vessels

The Code is designed to set initial standards and best practice for all those involved with the development and operation of autonomous systems, seeking to provide practical guidance for the design, construction and safe operation of autonomous and semi-autonomous vessels under 24m.

DNV GL: How to create value from data in shipping

DNV GL issued a practical guide for the maritime industry, advising on ways to create value from data, noting that it sees massive opportunities for the industry players able to move fast and with the required commitment. 

Ensuring safe navigation during GPS outage

The US Coast Guard advised mariners on how to achieve safe navigation in case of GPS interference, as approximately 20 vessels transiting the northeast portion of the Black Sea have experienced such cases from June 2017.

UK MCA advises on fire doors deficiency

The UK Maritime and Coastguard Agency issued a bulletin to inform operators that it has observed an issue with fire doors manufactured by COSMO Co. Ltd. In particular, it has come to light that the insulation in these doors is missing from the upper part, sides and bottom.

How to secure safety when accessing vessels

As it has recently dealt with several claims involving access to vessels, the Shipowners’ Club issued a guide for the safe embarkation and disembarkation from vessels and gangway installation, to prevent injuries and even fatalities.

UK MCA issues guidance for alongside fumigation operations

The UK Maritime and Coastguard Agency issued a marine notice to highlight the importance of fumigation being undertaken by professionally trained personnel, in line with guidance published by the Health and Safety Executive and the IMO.


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