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Artemis fatality Investigation report: Clear drug, alcohol policy defines acceptable limits, saves lives

In its latest investigation report UK MAIB focuses on a fatal incident concerning a skipper onboard a UK-registered fishing vessel ‘Artemis’ who fell head-first through an access hatch between the vessel’s wheelhouse and its mess deck 2.1m below, resulting to severe head injuries and died. The report notes that a significant factor of the accident was that the skipper was under the influence of alcohol.

Use of drugs on board can lead to serious accidents

UK MAIB published this accident report where a deckhand was carried away from a small potter by a 2kts tidal stream. The deckhand jumped into the water to cut the backline of a string of pots that had fouled the starboard propeller, despite the fact that the vessel’s skipper had arranged for a nearby fishing vessel to assist.

Cocaine found on board cargo ship at Mexican port

136 kilos of cocaine were seized from ‘Kota Lukis’ cargo ship while docked in Manzanillo port, Mexico. The huge amount of cocaine found in one of its containers is said to have originated from a consignment sent from Columbia.

Cruise ship raid nets 95kg cocaine and three arrests in Sydney

A joint operation between the Australian Border Force (ABF) and the Australian Federal Police (AFP) has resulted in the seizure of approximately 95 kilograms of cocaine from a cruise ship in Sydney and the arrest of three Canadian nationals on drug importation charges.

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