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Port of Antwerp to have new petrochemical plants

Ineos, a London-based chemicals company, opted for Port of Antwerp in Belgium, to use as a location to built two new petrochemical plants. The plan is based on a 3 billion euros investment and is to create 400 new jobs directly and five times that number indirectly, according to the port's statement. The company aims to construct a propane dehydrogenation unit and an ethane cracker in Northwest Europe.

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7 under arrest after chemical leak in Quanzhou Port

After a chemical tanker leak at China's Quanzhou Port, in the beginning of November, seven people got arrested. Namely, six people from the company that caused the leak and four crew on board the ship were put under criminal coercive measures. In addition, the investigation of the incident showed that the total amount of the leak was 69.1 tonnes and not seven as initially reported.

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