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France calls for taxes on bunker fuel

The French government has called on the European Union to work on creating a tax on bunker and aviation fuel as part of its strategy for reducing carbon emissions and achieving a sustainable environment. The French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire commented that taxes for carbon emissions should be implemented also to aviation and ships, not only to cars. 

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What the EU ETS means

This animation video, produced by the European Parliament, explains how the EU’s Emissions Trading System works with the aim to discourage industries from emitting CO2 by making it cheaper to go green. However, due to the financial crisis, some modification have been made.

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World Bank calls for efficient & effective carbon pricing

 Drawing on experiences with carbon pricing initiatives around the world, new research lays out principles for governments and businesses to develop successful and cost-effective schemes to put a price on social costs of greenhouse gas emissions.The research by the World Bank Group, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation (OECD), with input from the International Monetary Fund, says that well designed carbon pricing schemes are a powerful and flexible tool that can cut emissions causing climate change. At the same time, a new World Bank Group report, State and Trends of Carbon Pricing 2015, shows the number of implemented or planned carbon pricing schemes around the world has almost doubled since 2012, and is now worth about $50 billion.“The world needs to find effective ways to reduce carbon pollution,” said World Bank Group President, Jim Yong Kim.“We must design the best ways to price carbon in order to help cut pollution, improve people’s health, and provide governments with a pool of funds to drive investment in a cleaner future and to protect poor people.”“With COP21 fast approaching, the need for meaningful carbon policies is more important than ever. Carbon pricing is central to the quest for a cost-effective transition towards zero net emissions in ...

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