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New Zealand: Reports of vessels failing CRMS audit

The Japan P&I Club informed that two vessels had failed the documented audit before calling at New Zealand based on the Craft Risk Management Standard (CRMS). New Zealand authorities made a Notice of Direction in June 2020, to carry out the underwater cleaning at outside of the territorial water.

Peru, Ecuador to start work to address invasive aquatic species

The IMO-led GloFouling Partnerships project is tackling the introduction of invasive aquatic organisms into new marine environments. Such invasions have the potential to affect biodiversity and ecosystem health, but also significantly affect several economic sectors.

UN and private sector join forces on biofouling alliance

A new Global Industry Alliance (GIA), launched on the occasion of World Environment Day, brings together stakeholders in the private sector and the GloFouling Partnerships, a project led by UN, to address invasive species and GHG emissions.

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