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Rightship launches New Dry Bulk Management Standard

RightShip announced a new program for the dry bulk sector which aims to ensure the highest levels of safety, security and environmental excellence. The new Dry Bulk Management Standard (DBMS) aims to support the improvement of safety and risk management standards within dry bulk ship management and  help drive collaboration, conversation and increased standards in the sector. 

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PWC issues Global Shipping Benchmarking Analysis 2014

PwC have just published its Global Shipping Benchmarking Analysis 2014 to provide an overview of the factors that impacted the shipping industry and to analyse how these have been reported by a large number of shipping companies from around the world.According to the report, the year 2013 was characterized by a growing optimism. Global economic activity and world trade picked up in the second half of the year. Demand in advanced economies expanded while in emerging market economies the export activity was the main driver behind the reported improvement in the relevant measures.

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