Namely, the Association said that a wide consultation process prior to implementation of the scheme will be launched and more details will be announced within forthcoming months.

Earlier this year, RightShip launched DBMS, a new standard for dry bulk sector. As explained by INTERCARGO, the association does not endorse this DBMS standard , and is consulting internally with its Members while it will publish online its assessment and technical evaluation of DBMS.

INTERCARGO had made many efforts to achieve synergy and contribute to the ‘DBMS standard’, but has objections in principle and thus does not endorse DBMS, whose consultation was launched with very bad timing, when our sector has been dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic and supporting our Seafarers.Recognising that our sector would not welcome multiple separate schemes, INTERCARGO is aiming at a scheme which will be widely accepted.

...said Dr. Kostas G. Gkonis, INTERCARGO Secretary General to SAFETY4SEA.

DRY-SAS is a  dry bulk sector quality Self-Assessment Scheme with focus on shore management which first considered five years ago.  The issue was revisited in 2018 and since 2019 INTERCARGO has been developing this with its Members and with external expert support,  aiming at a scheme which will enjoy industry-wide support, embrace best practices and Key Performance Indicators and raise the bar on safety, environmental and operational excellence.