Unions condemn Australia’s ban of foreign cruise ships

The COVID-19 pandemic is already challenging the seafarers and passengers who are left onboard cruise ships in Australian waters, after the country decided to ban all foreign cruise vessels as soon as possible. In mid-march, Australia along with New Zealand announced the ban of cruise ships arrivals at their foreign ports to avoid the spread of the disease, beginning for 30 days.

Port of Townsville to establish new container terminal

The Australian Port of Townsville recently announced that is set to establish a new $30 million valued crane and cargo container terminal. Namely, the port’s upgrade came following the heavy machinery and traffic of the shipping containers. 

26 people test positive for COVID-19 on Ruby Princess

A total of 26 people onboard the cruise ship Ruby Princess have tested positive for COVID-19, a Sunday update by NSW Health reads. In this regard, NSW Health authorities introduced an increased testing regime for cruise ships at the ports. 

Queensland, Australia, issues 14-day self-quarantine for all foreign trading ships

Maritime officials in Queensland, Australia have ordered all foreign trading ships to essentially self-quarantine before entering their ports due to the COVID-19 crisis. Vessels are advised to contact port authorities if crew member or passenger is showing any coronavirus symptoms that include fever, flu-like symptoms cough, sore throat, headache or difficulty breathing. 

Australia bans cargo ships amid COVID-19 fears, impacts goods’ import

Australian port authorities announced that all cargo vessels may enter any port after the timeframe of 14 days, to ensure that there is no potential case of COVID-19 onboard and amongst the crew. Yet, there are oppositions arguing that this decision may lead to supply chain shortages of goods for everyday consumer needs.