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Advanced hull and propeller performance analytics launched by DNV GL

DNV GL is launching an advanced hull and propeller performance analytics module as part of the new fleet performance management service ECO Insight. The module is based on computational fluid dynamics (CFD) methods to correct for changing operational conditions and produces much more accurate results than existing approximate or experimental methods. Fuel efficiency remains a key concern for shipping, but tracking hull and propeller degradation is a challenge that has not yet found an adequate solution. Experts suggest that, as a result of hull fouling, the world fleet could be sailing with approximately 30 per cent added resistance and consequently significantly higher levels of fuel consumption. Undertaking hull and propeller cleaning on a more regular basis is already recognized as improvement lever by many shipping companies. However, the question of when and how the procedure should be carried out has not yet been addressed systematically. Hull and propeller performance computations show how much resistance is added over time due to fouling, by analysing the gap between the theoretical and measured power demand of a vessel, after correcting for influences like speed, draft, trim, weather and other operating conditions. “We use data that shipping companies are already collecting,” Dr Torsten Büssow, ...

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Hempel launches new antifouling products

Building on the industry proven GLOBIC and DYNAMIC range of antifouling systems,  marine coatings manufacturer Hempel announces the launch of two new antifouling products for dry-dockings and new buildings which deliver fuel savings of up to 3% and provide added flexibility to shipowners and yards. GLOBIC 8000 is a brand new hydrolysing self-polishing antifouling product that fits neatly between the existing GLOBIC 6000 and GLOBIC 9000 antifouling systems. It builds on proven GLOBIC technology to deliver premium performance at a reasonable price. It incorporates Hempel’s nano acrylate technology which delivers a fine polishing control mechanism to bring the integral biocides to the surface at a stable rate ensuring a clean hull. GLOBIC 8000 can be used on all vessels at all speeds but its nano acrylate technology binder makes it particularly effective for slow-steaming operations because of its instant activation of polishing and biocide leaching. DYNAMIC 8000, also launched today, extends the current DYNAMIC range utilising silylated acrylate technology to deliver an outstanding antifouling service at higher speeds. Announcing the launch, Andreas Glud, Hempel’s Group Product Manager said: “These two new products offer a wider choice for owners and yards and deliver exceptional value-for-money. They comprise 58% volume solids and ...

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