Specifically, GBA is a public-private collaboration between the Security Region Amsterdam-Amstelland, Port of Amsterdam and the port business community (private).

The port aspires to operate in the model of a circular fashion, meaning that its economy is based on minimizing the use of raw materials and re-using products, components and raw materials.


The port's initiative attracts companies, specifically waste processing companies who also hide some dangers. By processing waste, fires occur with some regularity. The port comments that these companies are also established energy terminals with their own risk profile.

Therefore, the port decided to provide a safe base, resulting to constructing its own industrial fire station.

Consequently, GBA provides an insight into the fields of industrial fires, ship fires and rescue at height and depth. In the meantime, BGA is able to map the impact of changing cargo flows and inform on the safety measures that are the most ideal to be implemented. Due to the central location on Galwin (Sloterdijk III) the arrival time is also shorter and therefore the chance of possible escalation is smaller.

Michiel de Brauw, CFO Port of Amsterdam commented

A port can only be successful if it is safe for users and local residents. It is therefore of great importance that there is a fire station with specialist knowledge of all those companies in our area.

Moreover, the barracks are operating 24/7, with a two-shift roster, and have a basic fire-fighting vehicle and an industrial fire-fighting vehicle.

Reportedly, the barracks will begin operations by the end of the first quarter of 2020.

Concluding, there are also plans to expand the fire brigade provision in due course to an integral safety center in which the Amsterdam-Amstelland Security Region, Amsterdam police unit, North Sea Canal Area Environment Agency and the business community will also be involved.