Major Japanese carrier plans 69% CO2 reductions for boxships by 2030

Japans NYK Group says it is working towards zero emissions by 2050 and a medium term goal of a 69% reductions in CO2 emissions from containerships by 2030.

Explaining it approach in its latest annual report NYK notes that CO2 emissions from ocean transport around the world, which were 870 million tons in 2007, are thought to account for about 2.7% of total global emissions. It says that if international trade expands at 3% annually driven by global economic growth centred on emerging economies, then CO2 emissions in 2050 will be about three times the current level.

The company says: The NYK Group believes there is a need to introduce environmental technology that will reduce CO2 emissions to foster sustainable growth around the world. [In] April 2008, we launched the NYK Cool Earth Project, and formulated the long-term vision of contributing to global efforts to cut greenhouse gas in half by 2050.

NYK says that, to cut the amount of CO2 emissions in half while cargo ship capacity rises threefold, it will be necessary to reduce CO2 emissions by about 85% per cargo ton mile. It adds: In taking on this challenging goal, we are working to develop technologies and transform business models to reduce CO2 emissions, aiming for zero emissions by 2050.

Innovation in the equipment is indispensable to NYKs plans. It says: Through the introduction of fuel cells and accumulators, we are aiming to replace heavy oil, which is currently the primary power source for vessels, with recyclable energy or hydrogen, and thereby achieve zero emissions by 2050.

It continues: Meanwhile, we have set medium-term objectives for 2030. In April 2009, we announced the NYK Super Eco Ship 2030 which marks a new generation of containerships incorporating technologies that are currently theoretically feasible. In addition to minimizing the weight of the hull and water friction, the concept ship uses LNG-based fuel cells, solar cells, and wind power for propulsion. This will make it possible to achieve a reduction in CO2 emissions of 69% per container carried in comparison with current levels. This concept ship has clarified the technical development roadmap that the NYK Group will follow in the years ahead.

Source: NYK