Defects requiring repair have been noted during recent in-water surveys

2010.11.23_cargo_ship_aground_near_baltimore.pngLloyd's Register issues Classification alert regarding In-water surveys in lieu of docking ( Lloyd's Register's Rules and Regulations Part 1, Chapter 3, Section 4.3) which is applicable to all owners, operators and managers of ships carrying out in-water surveys.

During some recent in-water surveys, defects requiring repair have been noted in way of the underwater appendages. As the ships were undergoing in-water surveys in lieu of a dry docking some operators have requested that permanent repair of these defects be deferred and a suitable condition of class be imposed.

Had the ship been undertaking a dry docking these defects would ordinarily have been rectified at that time.

Operators are reminded a condition of class can only be imposed where it is technically justifiable. Additionally, a condition of class may only be imposed for a limited period of time and subsequent permanent repairs may require the ship to dry dock at an earlier date than the next dry scheduled docking due date.

Consequently, operators may wish to consider undertaking their own initial assessment of the overall condition of the underwater portion of the ship's hull and appendages in advance of the due date for the in-water survey. If
defects are found at this initial assessment it is recommended they are discussed with Lloyds Register to determine the best course of action before an in-water survey is undertaken.

Source: Lloyd's Register