Specifically, each one of the 35 offshore drilling rigs were located at their monsoon locations before the onset of the seasonal adverse weather conditions.

In addition, 22 rigs were moved on to or from well head platforms and 13 rigs to open locations. The combined total distance travelled for all rigs was 2,535 nautical miles.

Rodger Dickson, group marine director at Aqualis Offshore commented

Moving 35 rigs in such a short time frame to new locations before the onset of the south west monsoon is quite an achievement and this sets a new ONGC record in terms of number of rigs moved and distance travelled.

Concluding, as ONGC's underwriters and their consultants were Aqualis Offshore's clients, Aqualis Offshore now provides marine warranty services to the former's fleet of jack-ups and mobile offshore production units in Indian waters.