Global PSC Annual Review CY 2021

Global PSC Annual Review CY 2021

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During the COVID-19 outbreak, we have seen a decrease in the inspections within 2020 (-28% compared to 2019) with numbers bouncing back in 2021( -14% compared to 2019), expecting a full recovery in 2022. The PSC inspections during 2021 marked the top 5 categories of deficiencies with a list of MLC, Fire Safety, Safety of navigation, Certificate & documentation & Lifesaving appliances.

PSC Focus

PSC MoUs have a common system to assist PSC Officers (PSCO) identify deficiencies during ship inspections, using a 5 digit code with a specific description attached to it, so that PSCOs report class and codify PSC findings.

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According to RISK4SEA data, there were 25 ports with more than 10 detentions during CY2021. The “champion” in detentions was port of Novorossiysk with 87 detentions in 1,253 inspections.

Risk Assessment

Given what is at stake in these days and era, it is of paramount importance to assess the forthcoming call with respect to PSC Inspection risks in order to identify probability and severity of a potential inspection and therefore arrive into a Ship, Manager and Port Specific Prioritization Checklist to assist the Ship to prepare, minimize risk and prepare accordingly.

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