Rod Lingard

Rod Lingard

Rod is a Master Mariner with degrees in, Nautical Studies, Law and an MBA. As a long time P&I Claims Manager Rod has been servicing Greek shipping companies since the late 80’s and moved over the War side of the business about 4 years ago.

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Smuggling and ship detentions

At the last SAFETY4SEA Conference, Rod Lingard, Club Manager of the Hellenic Mutual War Risks Association (Bermuda) Limited, discussed ship detentions caused by smuggling. He particularly referred to a recent English Supreme Court decision, the insurance implications of the decision, as well as Loss Prevention measures.

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War risks hot topics

Rod Lingard, Thomas Miller War Risks Services Ltd, focuses on war risks hot topics and outlines recent developments in a number of areas including, the Gulf of Guinea, particularly Nigeria, Somalia, Yemen and the Bab el-Mandeb Strait, Asia particularly the Sulu Sea.

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The current status of Piracy in the Gulf Guinea

Rod Lingard, Joint MD, Hellenic War Risks analysed ''The current status of Piracy in the Gulf Guinea'' at the 2015 SAFETY4SEA Athens Forum. He provided an overview of the current state of piracy in the Gulf of Guinea and the differences between the Gulf of Guinea and other parts of the world. He also explained the Gulf of Guinea War Risk Additional Premium Area and looked at recent incidents. Recalling some recent claims experienced by the Hellenic he reviewed a few claims issues and discussed the present position regarding on-board guards. Finally, he looked at some solutions and discussion points.One of the reasons that the Gulf of Guinea is different, is that ships are attacked mainly in the territorial waters when they are approaching, drifting, or anchored, closed to the ports. But occasionally, we see attacks off-shore pirates, using small high powered speed boats. The greatest risk is at night; about 70% of all the incidents are off Nigeria. The Gulf of Guinea pirates tend to be more violent than the Somali pirates. Particularly, if cargo theft is their intent, then there is not the incentive to keep the crew safe. We have an area with established legal systems, based...

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