Emma Kate Ross

Emma Kate Ross

Emma Kate Ross is a Superyacht chef, MHFA Instructor and Co Founder and Director of SEAS THE MIND. From South Africa originally, Emma completed her degree in Psychology before transitioning to pursuing a career on super yachts, working her way up to head chef whilst travelling the globe for over 15 years.
Three years ago she made the career change to become a fully qualified MHFA Instructor. Emma delivers training for a notable London based foundation, Kelly’s Cause and her own organisation Seas the Mind which supports the mental health of those working at sea. She is dedicated to promoting well being, providing education and resources and building connections and conversations for seafarers, onboard and onshore.
Because lack of training, conversations and awareness of the impact of mental health issue at sea has meant that we are not as safe or as supported as we can be. Because talking about mental health can save lives…it saved Emma's.

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Seas the Mind: Cultivating proactive crew care is vital

Although originating from the yacht sector, Emma Kate Ross, a Mental Health First Aid Instructor and Co-Founder/Director at SEAS THE MIND, shares practical advice regarding crew members’ mental health that applies to other sectors of the maritime industry as well. She emphasizes that a proactive approach is necessary to incentivize crews to take care of both their mental and physical health at sea.

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