Dr Pennie Blackburn

Dr Pennie Blackburn

Dr Pennie Blackburn is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist and Director of Waypoint Maritime CiC, a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to promoting and supporting best practice in mental health and wellbeing in the maritime industry.
The proud daughter of a master mariner, Dr Blackburn places the wellbeing of seafarers at the heart of everything she does and advocates passionately for a greater understanding of the unique challenges of a life at sea.
Dr Blackburn has more than 25 years clinical experience in mental health, specialist trauma services in the UK and the humanitarian sector. Tailoring evidence-based practice in mental health for the maritime context, Pennie has supported shipping companies and welfare charities for seafarers since 2017.
Pennie is the author of a book chapter on seafarer’s wellbeing in Psychological Support for Workers on the Move (Routledge), policy guidance Mentally Health Ships, and the series of Good Mental Health Guides for seafarers (published by ISWAN) and has developed several trainings including ©Maritime Mental Health Awareness (MMHA), MMHA for Suicide Prevention and ©Critical Incident Crew Support, she has facilitated more than 120 trainings for 2500 seafarers, yacht crew and shoreside personnel.

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