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Watch: Wreck Removal of the SSV Jupiter 1

Mammoet Salvage, an engineered heavy lifting and transport company, released a video of what it says was one of the most daring salvage operations ever undertaken in the Gulf of Mexico. The video presents the company’s wreck removal project of the Jupiter 1, that a part of it sank off mexico in April 2011.

The first Japanese battleship wreck from WWII found

Researchers from the organization started by philanthropist Paul Allen found the wreck of the first Japanese battleship sunk by the U.S. Navy during World War II. The 1914-built Hiei was a Japanese battlecruiser, one of the most heavily-armed vessels of its era, having eight 14-inch guns and armour up to nine inches thick. The vessel was crippled by a shell from the USS San Francisco on the 13th which disabled the steering gear. 

Salvors finally transfer Sewol ferry to land

One week short of the third anniversary of the sinking of the Sewol ferry near Jindo Island, salvage workers successfully completed the final stages of moving the ship onto land at the port of Mokpo. Once the land transfer operation was complete, preparations for nine passengers who are still missing begun.

News from Concordia navigation

After approximately 30 hours of navigation, the Concordia has travelled for 63 nautical miles at an average speed of 2 knots

The departune of Concordia begins

With the arrival of the last ferry, operations to disconnect the mooring cables that connect the Concordia to the towers on the shore side are in progress

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