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Coronavirus latest shipping circulars

The coronavirus outbreak leads more and more shipping stakeholders everyday to issue marine circulars and recommendations on how each port or country deals with the outbreak and what are the requirements of vessels arriving or departing ports.

Vinalines aims to enter the Global Shipping Alliances

Vietnam National Shipping Lines Corporation (Vinalines) expressed its interest on joining the Global Shipping Alliances (GSA). Specifically, the company will improve its competitiveness by tending its focus on three vital sectors: the development of its port management, shipping, and the maritime services.

CMIT becomes first terminal in Vietnam to join Tradelens

On 19 December, CMIT (Cai Mep International Terminal), a joint venture between Vinalines, Saigon Port and APM Terminals, became the first company in Vietnam to have joined the TradeLens digital platform, in support of the blockchain technology.

Vietnamese oil tanker seized in Malaysia

Malaysia seized a Vietnamese oil tanker, which Reuters reported visited North Korea in February. The vessel was found adrift off the Malaysian coast, according to maritime agency. Under sanctions imposed by the UN, North Korea has heavy restrictions in its imports of crude oil and refined petroleum products.

Cargo ship sinks off Vietnam, Captain dies

The Captain of the Vietnamese-flagged general cargo ship Toan Phat 68 died after the ship reportedly sank in South China sea, a few nautical miles off the Qui Nhon port in central Vietnam, in the morning hours of Saturday.

Container vessel capsizes in Vietnam

A container ship carrying 285 containers capsized in the early hours of the morning of Saturday, October 19, on the Long Tau River, Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. Local media report that just before the midnight of Friday, October 18, the pilot notified the local VTS center of an issue occurred with a container. The 132-meter (433-foot), 657 TEUs VietSun Integrity vessel listed shortly after that and sank almost two hours later.

Cosco container ship collides with ship in Vietnam

Cosco informed that its container ship CSCL Jupiter collided with another ship at Campem TCTT, in Vietnam, on 22 of August. Cosco’s container ship sustained damages, but no injuries, nor environmental pollution was reported. The ship is now expected to delay around one week because of temporary repairs.

Vietnam extends offshore drilling in spite of Chinese calls

A Japanese oil rig hired by Rosneft Vietnam to carry out drilling activities in the East Vietnam Sea will expand its operations for a month and a half, with China refusing to withdraw its vessels from Vietnamese waters. Namely, Hakuryu-5’s operations will last until September 15, according to the Southern Vietnam Maritime Safety Corporation.