Watch: Smuggling ship sunk as an artificial reef off Florida

The 180-foot long cargo freighter ‘Voici Bernadette’ was sunk as an artificial reef about 11 miles southeast of the Fort Pierce Inlet, Florida. The US Customs and Border Patrol donated the freighter to St. Lucie County, after seizing it for smuggling cocaine into Miami from Haiti.

Global partners launch hydrogen initiative

During the 10th Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM10) meeting, a new global international hydrogen partnership was announced under the leadership of the United States, Canada, Japan, the Netherlands and the European Commission with participation of several other CEM member countries.

US releases 2020 Energy and Water Development Funding Bill

The US House Appropriations Committee released the draft fiscal year 2020 Energy and Water Development, and Related Agencies funding bill. The legislation funds the US Army Corps of Engineers, Department of the Interior programs, the Department of Energy, and other related agencies. The legislation contains $46.4 billion in funding to spur energy innovation.

Investors in Port of South Louisiana to invest in methanol plant

Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards and South Louisiana Methanol CEO Paul Moore announced to pursue a $2.2 billion capital investment in a new methanol complex –one of the world’s largest methanol production sites– to be located in the Port of South Louisiana district, according to the port’s statement.

US awards $25 Million for next generation marine energy projects

The US Department of Energy selected $25 million in research projects for next-generation marine energy devices. These 12 projects will reduce capital costs and promote the innovation cycle by testing new concepts. Marine energy includes ocean wave power, tidal, and river/ocean current devices that convert movement of water into electricity.  

Moore Stephens: Greener shipping will bring investment in 2019

Current and upcoming regulations, indicate that the industry is on the right path. However, new funds are necessary, as going green will cost, the consultancy firm highlighted. 2019 will be crucial and the sector will have a better picture of whether the necessary drydocking capacity exists.

Port of Long Beach awards $3 mil. to improve water quality around Long Beach

The Long Beach Board of Harbor Commissioners granted over $3 million in order to support four projects that will help improve water quality in and around Long Beach as part of the Port Community Grants Program. The $46.4 million program aims at reducing the environmental impacts of goods movement.

US announces funds to improve ecosystem and climate research

The US Department of Energy announced $15 million in funding for 27 projects in atmospheric and ecological sciences, in an effort to improve the ability of Earth system models to predict weather and climate. The projects cover a wide range of topics in atmospheric and terrestrial ecosystem studies.

How California air rules have reduced whale fatalities

California clean air regulations intended to minimize air pollution from ships have been proven vital for saving whales, according to a recent report issued in the journal Ocean & Coastal Management. To comply and conserve fuel, vessels have slowed down, which has resulted in fewer whales being killed due to collisions with ships.

US to fund maritime heritage preservation projects

The US National Park Service, along with the US Department of Transportation’s Maritime Administration will allocate $2.6 million in maritime heritage grants to assist funding 34 preservation and education projects in 14 states and the Northern Mariana Islands. These grants aim to teach about sites related to US’s maritime history.


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