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Focus on risk mitigation techniques vital for enhanced maritime security

Mr. Jakob P. Larsen, Head of Maritime Security at BIMCO, provides an overview of the status of maritime security in the piracy affected areas around the world, citing possible reasons for the escalation of piracy in the GoG. In addition, Mr. Larsen highlights that industry should not be complacent with the lower activity reported in Somalia.

MACN: Sharing anti-corruption knowledge across the maritime industry

 Mrs. Cecilia Müller Torbrand, Program Director for the Maritime Anti-Corruption Network (MACN), explains what makes this project, which has been shortlisted in the ‘Sustainability’ category alongside a number of other distinguished nominees, unique for the maritime industry.

CSO Alliance: Shipping industry needs culture change on crime reporting

While the voting procedure for the 2018 SAFETY4SEA Awards is open, Mark Sutcliffe Managing Director of CSO Alliance explains the motivation behind this project which has been shortlisted for the ‘Initiative’ category. Mr. Sutcliffe notes that the reporting of cyber incidents has been very poor so far for many reasons.

Attention-getting warnings for the port security

Mr. Alp Kırıkkanat, Paragon Incorporation, share his insights into port security highlighting its close relation to training, budget and experience. Employing additional personnel and training them properly, seems to be more complex than providing security systems for security at ports, he notes.

Maritime security of seafarers remains a top priority

Following recent pirate attacks off Somalia, industry is a bit concerned about Somali piracy again after approximately five years since the latest reported incident. Cyber security is a new emerging industry that has attracted much of industry’s attention. James Wilkes, Managing Director, GRAY PAGE, says that, regardless the type of the risk, industry must be always alerted and concerned about securing seafarers from piracy or any form of violence by external criminal actors.