Three reasons why Filipino seafarers are the happiest crew

Seafarers from the Philippines are the most satisfied seafarer group by nationality serving onboard ships, as shown by the SAFETY4SEA Crew Wellness survey. The difference with the other nationalities was actually so wide that it could lead us to assume that there is a correlation between nationality and happiness onboard.

Infographic: Who are the happiest seafarers onboard?

SAFETY4SEA Crew Wellness survey was conducted in Q4 2019 and involved 9,768 seafarers serving onboard 1,072 ships. The survey addressed the level of satisfaction in the five aspects of wellbeing: Social, Emotional, Physical, Intellectual and Spiritual.

SAFETY Watch: How can shipping industry enhance safety culture?

Our special column asked from the winners of the first SAFETY4SEA – EUROPORT Awards, which were announced in early November on the sidelines of EUROPORT, to assess the safety status of the shipping industry and suggest ways to move forward and change the path toward a safer working environment onboard and ashore. 

Shipping Watch: How shipping will be in 2050

During the last SAFETY4SEA Hamburg Forum, all experts attempted to provide a picture of the shipping in 50 years from today and imagine how the industry is going to change in order to face upcoming challenges. Namely, the key question raised was: What will be the same in the shipping industry and what will be different in 2050 from your perspective?

Safety Watch – What is going to change in shipping by 2050?

During the last SAFETY4SEA Athens Forum, Mr. Apostolos Belokas, Managing Editor, SAFETY4SEA asked experts to think what will be different and what will be the same with respect to safety in 50 years from today, bearing in mind that shipping industry follows a more traditional approach and has already shown a resistance to change to new challenges, i.e. smart era and digitalization.

Five sustainability challenges for shipping by 2030

Managing cost, digitalization and environmental regulations are some of the key challenges shipping will have to encounter in the next 5-10 years, industry experts said on the sidelines of the latest SAFETY4SEA Athens Forum, which took place in Eugenides Foundation on 2 October.

Safe enclosed space entry: More regulations or just less complacency?

The shipping industry does not need more regulation, but a more thorough understanding of the current regulations and a more efficient safety culture to implement the existing regulatory framework, especially when it comes to enclosed space entry, was a key message by shipping experts in the latest SAFETY4SEA Athens Forum.

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