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New handbook to help crews face COVID-19

The Swedish P&I Club issued its COVID-19 handbook, providing practical advice to help both those at sea and those onshore to face the day-to-day challenges posed by the pandemic.

ICS: Updated guidance for seafarers’ protection amid COVID-19

Latest reports indicate that seafarers are being denied medical attention by port authorities in some cases, the ICS informed through an updated health guidance for the global shipping industry. The new report seeks to ensure ship operators and crew can safely deal with seafarers struggling with medical conditions amid COVID-19 pandemic.  

Femfi focuses on seafarers mental health issues

According to the Manila Times, Far East Maritime Foundation Inc. (Femfi) in Philippines, held a mental health awareness campaign for seafarers, so as to avoid suicide incidents. Specifically, the initiative addressed how to ensure seafarers’ ability to work productively while improve their mental health.

Wearing the right gloves prevents finger injuries

The Gard P&I Club reported that over a ten year period between 2009-2018, a 25%of all the crew accidents were finger and hand injuries related. Based on the Club’s portofolio, the data presented that ratings are nearly twice as likely to suffer from such injuries in comparison to the officers.

Seafarers International House joins Dangerous Ladders campaign

The Seafarers International House announced that they are joining the Dangerous Ladders campaign, after the death of a veteran Sandy Hook ship pilot, who fell from an accommodation ladder. The Seafarers International House stated that it is taking part in the campaign to pressure the International Maritime Organization to solve the issue of dangerous ladders and build a safer environment for ship pilots.

PPE: A critical factor to seafarer’s safety onboard

Seafarers face one of the highest risks of workplace injury or death and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is considered as a first line of defense to keep maritime workers safe while on duty. However, not only seafarers need to start their day by wearing proper PPE but also shipping organizations need to develop a workplace culture that promote the use of PPE at all times.

Best practices beyond compliance

During the first SAFETY4SEA Forum in Manila, Mailyn Borillo, President, OSM, discussed the human element, sharing best practices beyond compliance, further underlining that life skills improve seafarer’s wellbeing, yet are the most neglected part of employees’ development. The main challenges of seafarers are challenges on family relationships; mental and physical sickness and further financial burdens, she stressed.


Are we doing enough to keep crew healthy?

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