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Lessons Learned: If working at height is necessary, use the equipment needed

The UK MAIB, in its recently published Safety Digest, focuses on a freight ro-ro vessel entering a port; Due to concerns of cold weather and disruptions to the vessel’s water pipe system, the master ordered to rig a temporary curtain arrangement in the corridor, at deckhead height, leading to the injury of a seafarer who used a ladder improperly, which led to the ladder slipping. 

Lessons learned: If a deckhand entangles in the gear, have a knife readily available

In its latest edition of Safety Digest, the UK MAIB focuses on a fishing vessel’s accident, in which its personnel accidentally got engaged in shooting creels. While the vessel was facing rough weather conditions, the personnel couldn’t use the a self-shooting system, leading to the engaging of three deckhands in the shooting creels.

Lessons Learned: Carefully check weather forecast to prevent accidents

In the latest Safety Digest, UK MAIB focuses on the importance of the weather forecasts for the avoidance of relevant accidents; UK MAIB advises that if severe weather is forecast, all options available should be considered and all relevant precautions should be taken to establish the safety of the crew.

Lessons Learned: Pilot and bridge should plan vessel’s maneuver

In the latest Safety Digest, UK MAIB focuses on a large cruise vessel entering a narrow river, which resulted to the cruise ship’s stern hit a yacht moored in the navigable channel; UK MAIB recommends that prior to the vessel’s entrance, the interested parties should have specifically planned how the vessel would maneuver, to avoid any accidents. 

Lessons Learned: CO2 systems should be always maintained

UK MAIB, in its latest Safety Digest, discusses a CO2 gas release from the engine room’s fixed fire extinguishing system of a roro passenger ferry, highlighting that amongst the possible factors that caused the release was the fact that the service supplier overhauled the cylinder valves, instead of returning them back to the manufacturer and acquire new ones.

Lessons Learned: Ferry runs aground due to lack of passage plan

In its latest edition of Safety Digest, UK MAIB pays attention to a grounding incident, when a ferry grounded because of high wind conditions; UK MAIB notes that if the skipper had conducted a proper passage plan and was informed of the weather the accident could have been prevented.

Lessons learned: Taking shortcuts on an operation leads to accidents

In its latest Safety Digest, UK MAIB focuses on how a mooring line from a ferry, can easily be tangled in the propeller, without the right communication between the ship personnel and the shore. Based on this accident, MAIB advises to always follow the directions of the safety system and keep in mind that routine operations allow safe practices to be tested.

Lessons learned: Master injured after falling into opened hatch

In its latest Safety Digest, the UK MAIB describes an accident of a Master’s injury onboard a tug, which was caused by miscommunication and not proper sharing of information. The Master fell through a hatchway which was open while contractors were conducting operations. 


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