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Sudden flooding of fishing vessel shows catch can affect stability

UK MAIB analyzed the flooding of a fishing vessel while underway and the rescue of its two crew by an RNLI lifeboat. The investigation revealed that the weight and location of the fish catch can significantly affect the vessel’s stability. The fishermen were uninjured and the actions of the RNLI crew prevented the potter sinking.

Safety equipment check vital to ensure safe operations

In its latest Safety Digest, UK MAIB describes an incident where a fishing vessel caught fire. Flames broke out in the wheelhouse through a cable penetration in the deck, while an explosion blew out the wheelhouse windows and blew off the roof. It is possible that a leak allowed petrol into the vessel’s bilge .

Sparks from work inside boiler cause small fire to Ro-Ro ferry

In the latest Safety Digest, UK MAIB presents the case of a small fire on a Ro-Ro ship. Repairs were planned during an evening passage, involving hot work inside the boiler. As the discharge of passengers and vehicles had started, the chief engineer informed the safety officer that a small fire had broke out in the boiler.

RoRo ship almost collides due to low visibility

In its latest Safety Digest, UK MAIB describes a near-miss of a Ro-Ro vessel. The ship was trying to berth but it encountered problems because at that day there was fog and sunlight in the port, which resulted in a significant glare. As the ship was performing manoeuvres to berth, the master warned the passengers and the crew to prepare for impact, which was averted, but for only 3 metres.

Two technicians fall from poorly maintained pilot ladder

UK MAIB describes a pilot ladder incident in its latest Safety Digest. Three engineering technicians were ready to disembark a bulk carrier, using a pilot ladder. When two of the technicians were on the ladder, it failed and the two of them fell from a respectable height. Both were transferred to hospital, as they had sustained injuries.

Small motor cruiser owner poisoned from carbon monoxide

In its latest Safety Digest, UK MAIB deals with an incident involving monoxide poisoning. The owner of a small motor cruiser was trying to pump out water off of the engine compartment bilge. However, a little later a friend called the owner, without answer. Shortly after, paramedics found the owner unconscious, he was transferred to hospital, but never recovered consciousness.

Inadequate maintenance prevents vessel to anchor during emergency

UK MAIB in its latest Safety Digest presents a case where a windfarm support vessel was trying to anchor when the low fuel pressure alarm on the starboard engine sounded. When a crewman released the windlass the anchor failed to ‘free fall’. As the vessel was in danger, the master called the coastguard, a lifeboat was deployed and the vessel was towed safely.

Unexpected winds cause vessel’s anchor to drag

UK MAIB presents an incident where, because of bad weather a Ro-Ro cargo vessel decided to anchor to allow the weather front to pass through. The vessel anchored, but a little later, the second officer on watch on the bridge suspected that the anchor was dragging. The master turned on the engines, managing to stop the dragging,

Bilge alarms not useful if sounding in unattended wheelhouse

A wheelhouse is not just the place from where a fishing vessel is navigated. The sinking of a fishing vessel highlights issues related to life-saving equipment and also how much valuable time can be lost if the wheelhouse is left unattended while the bilge alarms notify that something goes wrong.

Sinking of fishing vessel stresses safety issues on bilge alarms

An 8.13m fibreglass fishing vessel was engaged in picking up its fleets of creels, when it began to take on water, and subsequently sank. The skipper, who was working alone, managed to deploy the boat’s liferaft and climb into it as the boat was sinking. He was later rescued without injuries.


’Unmanned and autonomous vessels are quickly becoming a reality. Do you think that seafarers will be able to trust an autonomous system?

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