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Gulf of Guinea maritime security in 2016

Dirk Steffen, director of Maritime Security at Risk Intelligence, analyzes the increase of maritime security incidents for 2016 over the previous year. Denmark-based Risk Intelligence counted 119 verified attacks by criminals on all kinds of vessels in West Africa – compared with 82 in 2015. The vast majority of attacks were perpetrated by Nigerian criminals, including all of the 84 that were concentrated in and around Nigerian waters.

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BIMCO updates GUARDCON guidance notes

BIMCO has been made aware that some PMSCs are using weapons “rented” or “borrowed” from other security companies. Therefore, BIMCO has updated the guidance on Clause 10 of GUARDCON to clarify the responsibilities of owners and contractors in respect of permits and licences with the aim to reinforce importance of validating firearms end user certificates.

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BIMCO issues Gulf of Guinea Security Advisory

Reminding that the region has become extremely dangerous BIMCO issued an advisory to highlight recent events in the region and reinforce guidance.As reported by BIMCO last weekend armed pirates boarded and hijacked a fishing vessel underway off Togo. The Togo Navy responded and engaged the pirates. Twenty crew jumped overboard in an attempt to escape, and were rescued by the patrol boat. The remaining seven crew were taken hostage as the pirates fled heading out to sea. The pirates later left the ship and the crew sailed towards a safe port. One crew has been reported as killed in the incident.On Wednesday, 4 February, night it is reported by IMB that armed pirates attacked a Greek-owned tanker while it was waiting to load off Nigeria, killing its Greek deputy captain and taking hostage three other crew. The attack on the ship Kalamos, which had a crew of 23 and was sailing under a Maltese flag, took place at Qua Iboe. Members would want to know BIMCO has further heard that the Master activated the SSA and made a distress call which was received on channel 16, requesting for medical assistance as a result of injuries sustained from the pirate attack ...

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