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Crew arrested after ship sinks off Mumbai

The captain charged with environmental offences after oil spilled from the bulk carrier The Jordanian captain, Romanian chief engineer and owner of the Panama-flagged Rak Carrier, which sank off Mumbai, India on 4 August, have been arrested and charged with environmental offences after oil spilled from the bulk carrier.The 30 crewmembers - 21 Indonesians, six Jordanians, two Romanians and a Palestinian - were rescued from the sinking ship and then taken to a police station. The vessel was carrying coal, fuel oil and diesel oil.Oil was reported to have spilled for around seven nautical miles around the vessel, which went down 20-25 nautical miles off Mumbai. Fishers have been directed not to fish in the area.Source: ITF

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Operation to plug oil leakage from MV Rak starts today

Diving operation to identify and plug the oil leak from the sunk cargo vessel Diving operation to identify and plug the oil leak from the sunk cargo vessel M V Rak are expected to begin today, the Directorate General of Shipping said, even as Coast Guard assured that the spill has decreased considerably. Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC) has been directed to make available a specialised diving support vessel to undertake the preliminary assessment of the leak, the DGS said in a statement. The local protection and indemnity (P&I) correspondent has also been instructed to engage an expert diving supervisor to guide the diving operations which are likely to commence in the early hours of Thursday, it added. "The expert divers would identify the source of leak and, whether it is practicable and possible to plug the leak to check the outflow," the DGS said, adding that sea and weather conditions will have to be favourable for diving operations.Source: Maritime Connector

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MV Rak leaking one tonne oil every hour

MV Rak sank 20 nautical miles off the coast of Mumbai One tonne of oil is coming out of the sunk cargo vessel M V Rak every hour and traces of oil have been observed up to 12 nautical miles off the site, the Directorate General of Shipping (DGS) said."The continuous trail of the oil leak from the vessel is observed up to 12 nautical miles, very thick oil up to one nautical mile, thick layer of oil up to two nautical miles,"the DGS said in a statement issued here after a meeting with concerned agencies to discuss the impact of the sunk vessel and measures undertaken.Maharashtra government's environmental department has reported that oil patches have been seen at Gorai, Alibaug and proximate area besides the Juhu Beach, it said.M V Rak sank 20 nautical miles off the coast of the city while on a voyage from Indonesia to Gujarat. At the time of sinking it was reported to be carrying 60,000 tonnes of coal, more importantly 325 tonnes of fuel oil and 56 tonnes of diesel which is causing the environmental damage.The local P and I (protection and indemnity) correspondent will be mobilising resources to either seal the source ...

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Mumbai Oil Spill Being Cleaned Up

Indian Coast Guard cleans up the spill The Indian coast guard is still working to clean up spilled oil from a merchant ship that sank off Mumbai four days ago.The defense ministry said in a statement Monday that an aerial survey showed the oil slick around the MV RAK had decreased and oil was now spilling at about one ton per hour.The vessel had been transporting coal from Indonesia to the western Indian state of Gujarat and was estimated to be carrying 325 tons of fuel oil and 56 tons of diesel.A separate government statement suggested the oil slick off Mumbai's coast was caused by something other than the sinking of the MV RAK. The statement did not elaborate.Another merchant vessel has been stranded off Mumbai's coast since July 31.Source: Huffpost Green

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Grounded ship attracts crowds in Mumbai

thousands of people gathered to get a glimpse of the ship While efforts to tow away grounded cargo ship MV Wisdom were suspended for a fortnight, thousands of people gathered at Mumbai's Juhu beach on Sunday evening to get a glimpse of the ship.While most were busy enjoying getting a view of the massive 9,000-tonne scrap ship, life-guards at the beach had a busy day as at least three children strayed away from their parents and nearly drowned in the sea.'We have saved three to four kids from drowning today (Sunday). They must have been involved in watching the ship and strayed in deep waters,' a life-guard said.The traffic situation in the two km stretch near the beach was almost out of control. 'It took us more than an hour to rush these kids at the nearby hospital for treatment, which otherwise takes only 10 minutes,' he added.Several people complained of the traffic moving at a snail's pace. 'It took me more than two hours on my motorbike to get away from the two km stretch leading to the beach,' said Tushar Parikh, who visited the beach in the evening.'I had to walk the entire stretch as there was no ...

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