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Port of Singapore achieves strong growth in last decade

The Port of Singapore experienced strong growth in the past decade. In particular, container throughput in 2019 reached an all-time high of 37.2 million twenty-foot equivalent units (TEUs), during challenging global economic conditions. 

Singapore’s port performance for November

MPA Singapore published an infographic about November’s port performance, paying attention to key port indicators as the vessels that arrive, the container and cargo throughput, as well as bunker sales. Overall, November showed an increase in all port indicators.

MPA Singapore extends port waivers in favour of LNG use

MPA Singapore issued two marine notices focusing on the environmental marine protection, highlighting the importance of LNG use and informing of two new programs, concerning port waivers and the extension of the Green Port program.

Infographic: MPA Singapore port performance in October

MPA Singapore issued its port-performance for October 2019, focusing on key port indicators, such as the number of vessels arriving, the container throughput, the cargo throughput and the bunker sales. Generally, October saw an increase in vessel arrivals and container throughput, but a decrease in cargo volumes and bunker sales. 

Singapore port welcomes largest ever container vessel

PSA Singapore reported that it accommodated the largest containership to ever visit the port, MSC Isabella, the 23,000 TEU container vessel; The port of Singapore is the first port of call in Asia for the vessel, after continuing its voyage to Europe. 

MPA Singapore warns mariners of works south of Marina East

MPA Singapore warns mariners that with effect from 24 May 2019 to 23 November 2019, works will be taking place off south of Marina East. The works will include dredging and installation of steel pipes and towers. Crane barges will be used to install steel pipes and towers. The dredgers will have a circular safety working zone of 50-metre radius centered from the dredgers.

Tuas Terminal Phase 2 starts

MPA Singapore informed that with effect from 24 May 2019 to 23 November 2019, the Tuas Terminal Phase 2 project will take place. The work on the terminal will be occurring on a 24-hour basis, including Sundays and public holidays. There will be soil investigation works regarding: borehole drilling; seabed surface sampling; marine cone penetration test.

Inforgraphic: MPA Singapore port performance for April

MPA Singapore issued an infographic illustrating its performance for April 2019. The main KPIs estimated are vessels arrivals by GT and number, container throughput in TEUs and Tonnes, as well as bunker sales. The figures reveal a slight decrease year-on-year in vessels arrivals, but an increase in cargo throughput.

Partners install final caisson for Tuas Terminal Phase 1

MPA Singapore announced that Mr Khaw Boon Wan, Coordinating Minister for Infrastructure and Minister for Transport, participated in the installation of the 221st and final caisson for Tuas Terminal Phase 1 reclamation on April 23. When the project is done, PSA Corporation will begin terminal development of deep-water berths that are able to handle about 20 million twenty-foot equivalent units (TEUs) per annum.


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