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ReCAAP ISC reports 64 piracy incidents in Asia since January

According to the latest ReCAAP ISC report on piracy in Asia, a total of 64 incidents of piracy and armed robbery against ships were reported in Asia during January-September 2018. Of these 64 incidents, 3 were incidents of piracy and 61 were incidents of armed robbery. This is an increase of 3%.

Pirates board Maersk container ship in Ecuador

According to a report by ReCAAP ISC, perpetrators boarded the container ship ‘Maersk Newbury’ at Guayaquil River in Ecuador, on October 2. The perpetrators assaulted one of the crew, but all of the crewmembers escaped and took hide. There was no injury to the remaining crew and no items were stolen.

Pirates kidnapped 12 crew in Nigeria

Pirates kidnapped 12 crew from a Swiss merchant vessel on Saturday, 22 September in Nigeria, Massoel Shipping the ship’s operator informed. The ship was traveling between Lagos and the Port Harcourt. The attack took place about 45 nautical miles south west of Bonny Island.

Armed robbers board tanker at Guinea

On September 17, four armed robbers boarded an anchored product tanker, at Conakry Anchorage, Guinea. After the robbers boarded the ship, they started firing at the bridge windows and gained access into the accommodation. The crewmembers mustered in the citadel, until the boarders left. All crew is reported safe.

ReCAAP ISC reports crew abduction in Sulu-Celebes Seas

According to ReCAAP ISC, during 11-17 Sep 18, one incident of abduction of crew of the fishing trawler, Sri Dewi 1, in Sulu-Celebes Seas took place. In addition the report presents two incidents of armed robbery against ships that happened in Venezuela and Ghana.

Focus on risk mitigation techniques vital for enhanced maritime security

Mr. Jakob P. Larsen, Head of Maritime Security at BIMCO, provides an overview of the status of maritime security in the piracy affected areas around the world, citing possible reasons for the escalation of piracy in the GoG. In addition, Mr. Larsen highlights that industry should not be complacent with the lower activity reported in Somalia.

Africa commits to tackle maritime piracy

A regional program agreed between African associations which includes measures to improve legal, legislative and infrastructure capacities to tackle piracy and maritime crime in general, as well as decomposing financial networks that are related to these offenses and minimize their impact.

African countries commit to tackle maritime crime in Gulf of Guinea

Despite having big potential, the Gulf of Guinea is one of the most dangerous places when it comes to maritime security, as it faces many threats. In order to mitigate this problem, naval chiefs from 38 countries gathered in Lagos for the International Maritime Conference to try and find solutions.

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