maritime piracy

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Watch: BW LPG honors crew for thwarting piracy attack

Singapore-based owner of gas carriers BW LPG informed that one of its vessels, the ‘BW Frigg’ became subject of an attempted piracy attack on 29 October, but the attack was successfully thwarted by the ‘fast reflexes’ of the crew. To honor the crew for their bravery an appreciation ceremony was held onboard.

Video: UN’s programme to fight maritime crime

Maritime crime poses a serious threat to the safety of seafarers, international trade, and regional stability. In order to deal with this issue, United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime created the UNODC Global Maritime Crime Programme, to combat maritime crime.

Matt Walje on the State of Maritime Piracy 2015

In this video by Al Jazeera, Matt Walje, author of the ‘State of Maritime Piracy’ provides an overview of the security situation in Western Indian, Gulf of Guinea and Southeast Asia regions. He highlights that during last year, a rise in kidnapping and violence was noted and that the Gulf of Guinea is considered as the most dangerous region for seafarers.

Video: Somali pirates remain a serious threat

Video shows that the stage is being set for piracy’s return off the coast of Somalia. At least 9 merchant vessels, five dhows, and one fishing vessel reported being approached or attacked by Somali pirates. The five dhows were all successfully hijacked by pirates.

Piracy in the Gulf of Guinea: No Justice for Seafarers

Video illustrates that coastal states in the Gulf of Guinea may have taken steps to increase their naval capacity, resulting in a few high profile arrests and a reduction in the number of hijacking for cargo theft but they have failed to establish effective systems for prosecution.

2015 SAFETY4SEA Forum – Rod Lingard

Rod Lingard, Joint MD, Hellenic War Risks analysed ”The current status of Piracy in the Gulf Guinea” at 2015 SAFETY4SEA Athens Forum

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