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UK Club: FAQs on current bunker issues in US Gulf

Following continued bunker issues in the US Gulf, the UK Club published a short FAQ in conjunction with Brookes Bell. These claims appear to relate to fuel bunkered late March-May this year, with the problems manifest variously in the form of sticking and seizure of fuel injection system components and blocking of fuel filters. 

Collision claims remain alarming in Chittagong anchorage

The West of England Club continues to see collisions between vessels underway and at anchor in Chittagong anchorage area, with 50 such incidents recorded since 2013. The considerable increase of ships calling at Chittagong has brought a respective increase of incidents, which has attracted the attention of marine insurance industry in recent years.

Preventing fire caused by aluminium phosphide tablets

West of England P&I Club issued a Loss Prevention bulletin, regarding fires and explosions, due to aluminium phosphide fumigation. Recently, the Club has experienced several similar incidents in cargo holds, on-board bulk carriers, where aluminium phosphide tablets had been applied to fumigate agricultural products.

UK P&I Club warns of stowaway attempts in South Africa

The authorities in South Africa have adopted a rather robust approach with regard to stowaways following a rise in attacks over the last two months. Should any unlawful person gain access onto a ship in a South African port, the person will automatically be deemed to be a stowaway unless the vessel can provide photographic, video or 3rd party evidence (terminal security) that the stowaway attempted to board the vessel in Durban.

North P&I Club highlights risks of explosions during cargo fumigation

North P&I Club has published a new loss prevention briefing warning operators of the hazards associated with routine fumigation of agricultural products on ships.The warning follows an explosion of pesticide gases on a panamax vessel, loading corn at Paranagua, Brazil, at the end of December 2015. This resulted in significant structural damage and was one of number of similar incidents reported during the last five years in Brazil and the USA.

Lethal refrigeration gas risks on fishing vessels

The North P&I Club has joined forces with the Shipowners’ Club to publish a technical loss prevention briefing on how to minimise potentially lethal gas risks arising from poor operation and maintenance of refrigeration systems on fishing vessels.

Skuld warns on increased claims due to conveyor belt damage

The Skuld P&I Club has become aware of a recent increase in the number of claims arising out of damage caused to conveyor belts. Damage typically occurs when metal pieces intermixed with the cargo drop on the conveyor belts thus leading to dents and scratches to the belts, and occasionally to belts even being split longitudinally or across.

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