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Watch: Partners launch first device converting wave energy to electricity

AW-Energy, the Finnish wave energy developer, has completed the construction of the first commercial 350 kW WaveRoller unit, which is prepared for deployment at Peniche in Portugal. The device converting ocean wave energy to electricity, functions in near-shore locales at depths of 8 to 20 meters and the mechanism can be partially or entirely submerged depending on tidal conditions.

Lloyd’s Register presents sustainability goals

Supporting the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, Lloyd’s Register embraces three key sustainability themes – Sustainable Oceans, Low Carbon Futures and Resource Efficiency – which play crucial roles in creating long-term value for earth, business and stakeholders.

Lloyd’s: The future for renewable low carbon energy

The video informs on Lloyd’s Register’s research on renewable carbon energy, presenting opinions of industry leaders and experts from around the global sector, on possible technology solutions for balancing the demand for low cost energy with the urgent need to reduce carbon emissions and meet climate change goals.

LR: The potential for wind power in shipping

An interview with Dimitris Argyros, Lead Consultant, Environment and Sustainability, Lloyd’s Register. Dimitris talks about the potential for wind-powered shipping,…

Ballast Water Management update

Yildiz Williams and Alex Benton from Lloyd's Register’s Environment team, hosted a Hangout on Air talking about the latest developments on Ballast…