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Container industry lags in performance measures

Canada leads the world in creating such measures, speakers say The global container shipping industry lags behind many other industries in establishing a set of key performance indicators to measure elements that are critical to shipping customers.But Canada leads the world in setting transportation measures, such as on-time reliability, terminal productivity, and dwell times, according to speakers on a panel during the opening day of The Journal of Commerce's 6th Annual Canada Maritime Conference in Montreal.The biggest problem in setting KPIs for global supply chains is the lack of common performance standards and common measurements of performance, said Kuba Szymanski, secretary general of InterManager, which is investing $10 million in developing a KIP grid for shipowners."Shippers are more concerned about port performance than costs," said Mary Brooks of Dalhousie University. "Ports talk about their productivity but it's a bit like kids in a playground, saying 'I'm better than you are,' because there are no common measurements of productivity." She said ports' performance indicators need to be vetted by third-party sources to validate their claims or shippers will not accept them.The KPI panelists praised the newly announced Daily Maersk service, which will set up a daily Asia-Europe container shipping service with ...

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