Japanese firm partners on floating offshore wind farm

Shizen Energy, Japanese solar power company signed an agreement with Ideol, a French wind developer, collaborating on a full size floating wind farm off the coast of Japan. This partnership coincides with recent senior recruitments to shore up its local sales and engineering subsidiary. 

MOL the first company in Japan to issue sustainability bonds

MOL announced a plan to issue ‘Sustainability Bonds’ through a public offering in Japan’s domestic market in July this year. It also announced the acquisition of a preliminary evaluation from a third-party institute. Sustainability bonds are used to finance and refinance green projects, which protect and improve the environment, and social projects.

Offshore renewables in Japan to receive significant boost

Offshore renewables in Japan are set to receive an important boost after the country passed a bill last November, which enables wind farms to operate inside national territorial waters for the next 30 years. Offshore wind farms are expected to advance because of various factors, mostly via technological developments in floating wind turbines.

Japanese minesweeper collides with cargo vessel off Hiroshima

A Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force minesweeper collided with a cargo ship on June 26, in the Seto Inland Sea off Hiroshima Prefecture. As the Japan Coast Guard informs, no injuries were reported due to the incident. The minesweeper lost navigational control, and as a result its rear right end and the front left side of the cargo ship came into contact.

Yamal LNG ships first LNG cargo to Japan

Russian natural gas producer Novatek announced Wednesday that Yamal LNG shipped the first LNG cargo to Japan in accordance with the long-term offtake agreement with French oil and gas company Total. The cargo was unloaded at the Tobata LNG Terminal.

Trump: China, Japan should protect Middle East shipping on their own

Countries like China and Japan, that largely depend on shipping trade in the Strait of Hormuz, should be protecting their own ships on what ‘has always been a dangerous journey’, said US President Trump in an official statement in the light of an ongoing tension in the Middle East. 

Partners present LNG as an efficient use of energy in Shikoku, Japan

Japanese company Tokyo Gas signed an agreement regarding the sale and purchase of liquefied natural gas (LNG) with Sumitomo Joint Electricity Power. The two partners aim to boost LNG as a fuel in the area, while also promote it as a stable and efficient use of energy. 

Watch: Japanese warship collides with dock in Brisbane

The Japanese warship ‘JS Kunisaki’ collided into Brisbane’s Portside Wharf while trying to dock, Tuesday, 17 June. There were no injuries of crew onboard or spectators but the vessel was left visibly damaged. The causes of the incident are yet to be determined.

Japan surpasses China as second user on Panama Canal

As AP reports, Japan surpassed China and is becoming the second-biggest user of the Panama Canal, in light of a trade war between Beijing and Washington. The US remains the leader in using the canal. China’s third place is due to the fact that there’s a decrease in shipments of natural and liquid petroleum gas as the Asian giant is buying less of them from the United States. 

Trade tensions negatively affect trade volumes

Economic growth around the world is decreasing, and various governments, including Germany, China and South Korea, have announced stimulus packages to boost their economies. In fact, the International Monetary Fund expects global GDP growth to slow from 3.6% in 2018 to 3.3% in 2019, before returning to 3.6% in 2020.


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