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EU project tests new standard for navigation

The EU project EfficienSea2 is testing the first ever system using a newly proposed standard for digitalising Navigational Warnings. When properly assessed, the new standard could be a global reality within a year and make mapping of warnings easier. The EU-project, led by the DMA, will make it easier for seafarers to get access to information and navigate safely.

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Few months left for ECDIS updates

IHO has revised its ENCs standards for ECDIS, therefore, all ECDIS systems used on board a vessel are required to receive updated functions before 31 August 2017. In case the software renewal is not applicable so as the system to be compatible with the latest IHO standards, the ECDIS itself should be replaced before the deadline.

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IHO announces ECDIS Standards revisions

New normative references for the type approval of ECDIS The International Hydrographic Organization (IHO) has published new versions of some of its ECDIS Standards. These have been reviewed and updated to reflect lessons learned from earlier reports of unexpected chart behaviour in some ECDIS.The updated versions of the Standards are a significant contribution by the IHO to supporting navigational safety by ensuring that all identified ambiguities and inconsistencies relating to the display of Electronic Navigational Charts (ENCs) in ECDIS have been resolved.The IHO has published the following new editions:IHO Specifications for Chart Content and Display Aspects of ECDIS S-52 Edition 6.1 - October 2014IHO Presentation Library S-52 Annex A Edition 4.0- October 2014IHO Test Data Sets for ECDIS S-64 Edition 3.0 - December 2014IHO Data Protection Scheme S-63 Edition 1.2 - January 2015Commenting on the updated IHO Standards, Robert Ward, President of the IHO, said: When the various parts of the revised Standards have been implemented by ENC producers, ECDIS manufacturers and ECDIS testing authorities, it will result in an improved ECDIS experience for the mariner.The updated IHO Standards include a number of changes that will bring significant benefits to the mariner. Discussing these changes, Thomas Mellor, Chairman of the ...

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