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HRAS calls for update at Deprivation of Liberty at Sea Guidance

After the detention by Iranian Revolutionary Guard forces of the UK-flagged Stena Impero on 19 July and the latest reported actions which have seen the 23 person crew taken off the ship for ‘questioning’, Human Rights at Sea reinstated its call for widely-accepted UN guidance, describing the basic human rights protections for crew during the deprivation of their liberty in such cases.

First female ITLOS Judge ad hoc appointed

Human Rights at Sea informed that Prof. Dr. Anna Petrig, Professor of International Law at the University of Basel, Human Rights at Sea Advisory Board Member, and co-author of the emerging Geneva Declaration on Human Rights at Sea, was appointed as a judge ad hoc at the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea (ITLOS) in Hamburg for the San Padre Pio case.

India addresses Indian seafarers’ human rights at sea

The Indian Government and National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) are thriving in light of their newly launched ‘human rights at sea’ agenda, also following their first seminar on the topic held in Mumbai on 28 February 2019, and last week’s historic NHRC meeting in New Dehli on Monday 8 July co-organised with the Forum for Integrated National Security (FINS) think-tank.

Sea Watch 3 captain free

According to sources, the 31-year-old captain of Sea Watch 3, Carola Rackete, has been released from custody. The German captain was arrested on Saturday, June 29, due to the fact that she docked the vessel in Lampedusa along with 42 migrants onboard, defying a stringent domestic law that has closed borders to migrants.

HRAS publishes podcast of abandoned seafarer

Human Rights at Sea published a podcast made by Second Engineer Vikas Mishra, abandoned on the UAE-flagged MV Tamim Aldar. The engineer has been abandoned for 33 months. The chief engineer discussed the problem of lacking tube and bunkers, meaning that the generators weren’t able to run for more than an hour a day, while the temperatures in the area were currently 40+ degrees Centigrade. 

HRAS chief ‘worried’ about closed-ports policy

Human Rights At Sea Chief Dunja Mijatovic is worried about the Italian Government’s decision against NGOs that rescue migrants in the Mediterranean. The commissioner also urged all EU states to ‘suspend all collaboration’ with Libya.

HRAS launches second Flag States and Human Rights report

Human Rights at Sea collaborated with the University of Bristol Law School Human Rights Implementation Centre and launched the second report ‘An evaluation of Flag State Practice in Monitoring, Reporting and Enforcing Human Rights Obligations on Board Vessels’, as part of a continuous study into the engagement, policies and remedies affected by flag States in relation to their duties to uphold human rights at sea.

Indian seafarers given 50% of salary, some still remain abandoned at sea

Human Rights at Sea highlighted that the remaining abandoned Indian seafarers are trying to negotiate their salaries, keeping in mind that their two vessels have been arrested, and most seafarers were in such a desperate situation that they accepted the company’s offer without further negotiation.

City of Geneva formally supports Geneva Declaration

The City of Geneva has formally endorsed the development of Geneva Declaration on Human Rights at Sea in a signing ceremony held at the Palace Eynard in Geneva between the Mayor of Geneva, Mr. Sami Kanaan, and the Founder of the British charity, Human Rights at Sea, Mr. David Hammond.

HRAS launches ‘Geneva Declaration on Human Rights at Sea’

The first version of the inaugural ‘Geneva Declaration on Human Rights at Sea’ is published by Human Rights at Sea after the initial drafting session was held in Switzerland on 20-21 March 2019 at the Graduate Instiute of International and Development Studies, Geneva.


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