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Hamburg Süd, Electrolux team up to reduce port emissions

During its layovers in Manzanillo, Callao, Iquique and Puerto Angamos, between 11 and 24 March, the 7,114 TEU boxship ‘Santa Catarina’ voluntarily used MGO to operate its auxiliary engines and boilers, instead of standard HFO, to reduce sulfur dioxide emissions in ports. In these ports, switching fuel is not mandatory.

Bremen, Bremerhaven Ports sign up to Arctic Commitment

The German ports Bremen and Bremerhaven have cooperated in a campaign to ban heavy fuel oil (HFO) from Arctic shipping, along with more than 80 companies, organisations, politicians, NGOs and explorers. bremenports signed the Arctic Commitment to eliminate heavy fuel oil in Arctic shipping, and called other ports to join as well.


Does enclosed space entry need more regulation?

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