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Cruise ship moves on second relief mission for Bahamas

The cruise ship Grand Celebration which is operated by Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line, began its second journey to and from Grand Bahama Island for a second relief cruise on Sunday, September 15, to assist those who were affected hard by Hurricane Dorian’s heavy weather conditions.

Cruise ships change routes to avoid Tropical Storm Dorian

Cruise ships are changing routes in the last few days to avoid the Tropical Storm Dorian which is to affect the Caribbean. The storm is on track to hit the Caribbean, including Puerto Rico, an island still struggling to recover after devastation of Hurricane Maria in 2017. 

Russia agrees to IMO’s passenger compensation treaty

The Russian Federation has agreed to IMO treaty dealing with compulsory insurance that protects and covers passengers on vessels. Yury Melenas, Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation to IMO, met IMO Secretary-General Kitack Lim to deposit the instrument of accession, on January 16.

Watch: Lessons from disabled emergency on cruise ship

CHIRP Maritime analyzes a case of a safety drill exercise involving a woman and her disabled husband on a cruise ship. According to the woman’s report, their cabin was on deck 12, and the muster station, where they had to proceed, was five decks below. How were she and her husband to achieve this drill? 

Cruise industry supports Irma relief efforts

Several cruise companies, in addition to US Coast Guard, have deployed ships to support relief efforts to the areas devastated by Hurricane Irma. On Sunday, Irma reached to the western Florida peninsula, as a Category 4 storm, after passing through several Caribbean islands and killing at least 24 people.

How can ships avoid hurricanes?

Hurricane Irma has sent shipping into disarray, particularly for cruise passengers. Around 40,000 holidaymakers are estimated to have been affected by disruption to scheduled cruises this week and this figure could rise further as Irma speeds through the Caribbean towards southern Florida. 

BMA highlights top cruise ship deficiencies for 2016

The Bahamas Maritime Authority issued a technical alert related to detentions and deficiencies found during USCG examination of cruise ships. During 2016, USCG reported a total of 103 detentions, of which 3 were cruise ships.

USCG reveals top deficiency areas on board cruise ships

In calendar year 2016, the USCG reported to the IMO 103 vessel detentions of all vessel types and conducted 294 cruise ship examinations out of which 1.0% received a detention. The top five deficiency areas identified on cruise ships are: Fire screen doors not operating properly; Impeding means of escape; Low location lighting; Fire suppression systems and; Piping insulation.


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