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Smart shipping: Challenge or opportunity?

Smart shipping is not a concept for the future, it is a reality, highlights Dr. Panos Thedossopoulos, CEO at Propulsion Analytics, analyzing the aspect of asset performance management and condition monitoring.

How Indonesia is tracking illegal fishing activity in real time

Partnering with Google, Indonesian Minister of Fisheries and Marine Affairs, Susi Pudjiastuti, is catching illegal fishing activity in real time, after thousands of vessels’ locations were revealed online. Previously, most of the Indonesian fishing activity had been invisible.

Revolutionising condition monitoring to protect the bottom line

The practice of condition monitoring has developed significantly over the last decade, argues Mr. Larry Rumbol, Marine Condition Monitoring Manager at Parker Kittiwake, explaining that Reagentless Testing is now here today. This new form of condition monitoring best practice has the capability to measure a variety of parameters and equipment, bringing a sophisticated monitoring capability onboard.

New tool launched for assessment of hydrodynamic performance

As a vessel’s hydrodynamic performance is important for its fuel efficiency and life cycle costs, DNV GL has developed a tool to predict a design’s hydrodynamic performance, using computational fluid dynamics simulation to analyze, compare and benchmark the fuel efficiency of hull design variants at full-scale.

New project responds to environmental concepts

A short video was developed to provide general information about the COMMON SENSE project, introducing the innovative marine monitoring sensors developed and tested by the COMMON SENSE partners and how they respond to the needs of the Marine Strategy Framework Directive and concepts such as Good Environmental Status.

Interview with Larry Rumbol, Parker Kittiwake

In an exclusive interview with SAFETY4SEA, Larry Rumbol, Condition Monitoring Market Development Manager (Marine) of Parker Kittiwake, speaks about the advantages of the new water testing kit for vessels which aligns with MLC requirements and highlights the importance of condition monitoring for the industry. Mr Rumbol addresses key challenges associated with condition monitoring and shares company’s plans on the agenda.

SKF: Automating maritime emissions compliance

Penalties for breaking environmental laws at sea are becoming tougher as regulatory bodies set new emission standards for an increasing number of maritime zones. SKF has launched the BlueMon monitoring system, in order to avoid the heavy fines that can be imposed.

APL satellite tracking service gets smarter

APL is introducing real-time oxygen and carbon dioxide monitoring capabilities to its industry-pioneering satellite tracking system, SMARTemp®. Designed to offer more well-rounded visibility for precise cargo management and protection throughout a voyage, these added features further distinct APL’s groundbreaking SMARTemp® technology which was launched in 2010.

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