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Survey reveals that half of crew lack ‘reasonable’ access to communications

According to survey conducted by Futurenautics, InterManager, ISWAN, PTC, BIMCO & CrewToo Comprehensive survey of seafarers by Futurenautics Research in association with InterManager, ISWAN, PTC, BIMCO and CrewToo finds access is an improving picture, but reveals certain sectors offering far poorer crew communications provision than others, with up to 30% of crew in some without access to a telephoneData allows ship operators to understand and benchmark provision across sectors and age groups; offers insight for suppliers into the changing requirements, habits and spending power of seafarers, and gives seafarers themselves the opportunity to have their collective voices heard across the industry. The full report is available to download at the bottom of the page.With almost 3,000 respondents from more than 30 countries the 2014 Crew Communications Survey is the most comprehensive dataset available by which to measure access, costs, usage and future requirements of crew communications. Overall, access to crew communications is an improving picture, but with theMLC2006 now ratified by 61 countries and stipulating 'reasonable' access to communications at 'reasonable' cost, only 56% of seafarers claim to have access to communications facilities either always, or most of the time.Provision varies considerably by sector however, with Container, Bulk and General ...

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