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Is regulating black carbon possible?

According to Air&Waste Management Association, in the assumption that the shipping industry was a country, it would have been the sixth largest GHG emitter, producing more emissions than Germany. The Association supports that although IMO's decision on the implementation of the 2020 sulphur cap, they seem to ignore another pollutant, second to the carbon dioxide, the black carbon.

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IMO Sub-Committee to conduct its Pollution Prevention and Response meeting

IMO's Sub-Committee on Pollution Prevention and Response (PPR) will conduct a meeting on 18 to 22 February to IMO's headquarters, London. IMO's agenda includes MARPOL Annex VI guidelines, safety measures on reducing the risks of use and carriage of heavy fuel oil, as well as measures aiming to decrease the impact on the Arctic of Black Carbon emissions from international shipping. 

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How to reduce shipping’s Black Carbon emissions

To address the impact of Black Carbon emissions from shipping on the Arctic, IMO has been developing a definition for black carbon, to find the best methodology for measuring black carbon, and identifying abatement options. The following infographic outlines some of the most effective abatement options and presents their advantages and and disadvantages, based on the most recent scientific literature.

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DNV GL focus on PM and black carbon

DNV GL has seen the need to look more closely at the the effect of PM DNV-GL - Brochure Black Carbon - 2016_06and BC emissions from shipping.Particulate matter (PM) and black carbon (BC), a fraction of PM, have received increasing public attention,as they affect human health and the climate.Additionally, ships’ emissions take place in close vicinity to shore. Plumes are often visible to the public in harbour areas and therefore receive more and more press coverage.

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