MUA concerned about working safety at VICT terminal

Maritime Union of Australia Deputy National Secretary Will Tracey warned that an escalation in hours of work at the site and inadequate manning has led to an unsafe workplace and is calling on Worksafe Victoria to intervene immediately before a worker is killed or seriously injured.

Australia-NZ research ship collaboration eyes safer operations

Australian and New Zealand scientific research organisations have established the first formal collaboration aimed at promoting the safe, efficient and environmentally responsible operation of their research ships. The group entitled `Research Vessels Of New Zealand and Australia’ has been led by New Zealand’s National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research.

AMSA prohibits cargo ship from entering Australian ports

The Australian Maritime Safety Authority announced that it has banned the Papua New Guinea-flagged cargo ship “Kiunga Chief” from entering or using Australian ports for three months, after the ship was detained for a third time in less than 18 months, due to the failure of its operators to safely and effectively manage the operations of the vessel.

USCG, Navy conclude safety mission

The Coast Guard and Navy completed a 18-day joint mission in the Central and South Pacific, under the Oceania Maritime Security Initiative to combat transnational crimes, enforce fisheries laws and enhance regional security.

What Australia requires for the protection from asbestos on ships

AMSA has issued a new Marine Notice to draw the attention of operators and ship owners to the ongoing prohibition of asbestos on ships, noting that Australian law requires operators to take all reasonable steps to protect the health and safety at work of employees and contractors.

MUA focus on Chevrons Commitment to Safety

International speakers highlighted concerns about the safety of Chevron operations at a public meeting attended by over 300 people in Perth, Western Australia this week


Does enclosed space entry need more regulation?

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