Tankers turning AIS off at Strait of Hormuz

Amid an escalating tension in the Persian Gulf over the last months, oil tanker owners seem to have found a new way to tackle the increased danger for ships transiting the Strait of Hormuz, the world’s most important shipping route for oil supply.

US wants ships to keep AIS on to tackle smuggling

The United States wants all ships to keep their AIS systems on to minimize illicit activity and smuggling, and to increase transparency of ship movements around the globe, a senior State Department official said, in light of several recently-seen practices of vessels turning off their AIS.

Arrested OSV shuts down AIS, runs from Aruba’s authorities

Maridive 702, an offshore support vessel, was arrested the previous week in Aruba in a court row over $21 million debt. The 2011-built vessel was held on July 14 but it reportedly left without permission, leading local authorities searching for it.  

‘Going dark’ is a red flag – AIS tracking and sanctions compliance

With respect to the recent surge in sanctions globally, Mrs. Irene Anastassiou, Senior Lawyer at the Gard P&I Club, noted that the practice of turning off the AIS to avoid detection is a breach of SOLAS and Flag State requirements, while it increases the risk of maritime casualties and loss of life.

UNVIM applies new procedure for commercial goods

The London P&I Club advised operators whose vessels are calling at ports in Yemen to note that new procedures to facilitate commercial imports have been instituted by the United Nations at the request of the Government of Yemen.


Does enclosed space entry need more regulation?

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