ABS hosts ship operators cooperative programme

ABS hosted the fall meeting of the Ship Operators Cooperative Program in Houston, welcoming representatives from industry, government and academia to discuss current issues and new technologies.

ABS introduces guide on towing vessels

ABS has announced the publication of its Guide for Building and Classing Subchapter M Towing Vessels. The Guide helps domestic owners comply with new USCG requirements governing towing vessels that operate in U.S. inland waterways.

ABS to release guidance for container ships

ABS has launched two new tools specifically focused on assisting the Container Ship sector with pressing operational challenges. The Container Securing Guide and the FOC Guide represent significant contributions to safety for the sector.

ABS issues guide for fatigue assessment

ABS has issued a guidance on spectral- based fatigue analysis for vessels. This Guide provides information about the optional classification notation, SFA (years) which is available to qualifying vessels as described in 1-1-3/21 of the ABS Rules for Conditions of Classification.

ABS issues guide for MODU’s lay-up and reactivation

The American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) has issued a Guide for the lay-up and reactivation of Mobile Offshore Drilling Units.These guidelines are of a general nature due to the wide variety of MODU configurations, geographic and metocean conditions of lay-up sites and degree of maintenance during lay-up.

ABS Unveils Improved Port State Control Detention Guidance

ABS has released an enhanced version of its Guidance for Reducing Port State Control Detention. The new Guidance provides the most updated information for maintaining compliance with current Port State Control laws in a mobile-friendly and interactive format.